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The Naruto manga and anime series takes place on a fictional universe known as the Ninja World, also most of the times known as the Shinobi World (忍の世界 Shinobi no Sekai?).[1] The setting is a world with numerous countries and locations, including the main setting of the story, Konohagakure, a village part of the Land of Fire that the eponymous protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki, was born in. The geography has a consist of nine countries, including the “Five Great Shinobi Nations”, the five countries that united during the Fourth Shinobi World War.[2] This universe has many things that exist or no longer exist that has made it what the village is now. When being a ninja in these countries, there are 4 main levels of becoming an shinobi, and there are other ranks and organizations that a shinobi can participate in by choice if eligible.[3]