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Seirin High (誠凛高校, Seirin Kōkō) is a high school basketball team in Tokyo where Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami play. The basketball club was founded only one year before the current story-line by Teppei Kiyoshi,[1] so the team only consisted of first and second-years (currently second and third-years). Quite unusually, the team’s coach is a high schooler, daughter of sports trainer, Riko Aida. Her sex and age has caused some to think that she’s a manager. The club’s captain is Junpei Hyūga.

Seirin High is noted for having an exceptional high-leveled run-and-gun style. Their offensive firepower is considered one of the best in the region. Their main line-up is composed of the rookie-duo Kuroko and Kagami, “Iron Heart” Kiyoshi, the clutch shooter Hyūga and the control tower Izuki.[2]