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In her ‘Outdoor’ mode, she often gets attention by all who pass by her due to her beautiful body and her small, cute face, She usually wears fashionable, frilly clothes that most girls her age can be seen wearing. At school, she is pictured in her uniform which consists of a white button up shirt, a red pleated skirt, thigh highs, school shoes, and a red ribbon around her neck. In the colder months, Umaru can also been seen wearing a dark red blazer with this uniform.

In her ‘Indoor’ mode, she takes the form of a young child, drawn in a chibi-like way. She wears an animal hoodie while at home.

In the video arcade (as her “UMR” persona), she wears a black shirt and an orange hoodie with brown shorts and thigh highs, with an orange cap, She later wears a navy blue mask to hide her identity from Sylphynford.

In her ‘Outdoor’ mode, she is described as the perfect teenage girl at school and around town. She is a student who is on top of her class (due to her outstanding grades), possesses an overall charismatic feel, kind-hearted, excellent in everything she does, and despite her popularity, she remains humble thus earning the admiration by her fellow classmates and faculty alike, she often gets attention by all who pass by her due to her beautiful body and her small, cute face.She also has a very sweet and cute personality.

in her ‘Indoor’ mode, she is the total opposite. She lets out of her secret otaku side and barely contributes in doing household chores. She acts lazy, eats junk food, and is obsessed with playing video games, reading manga and watching anime.

In the video arcade, she is a well-known gamer who goes by the initials “UMR”.